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Defective Auto Parts

Chicago Defective Auto Part Injury Lawyers

Knowledgeable Chicago Accident Attorneys Helping You After Defective Parts Led to Injuries

Compassionately guiding Illinois clients through product liability claims

Cars and other vehicles are extremely complex machines with numerous parts. When one of these parts fails, the integrity of the entire vehicle can be affected. While normal wear and tear is the most common cause of a malfunctioning car part, product defects are sometimes the cause. When this occurs, numerous parties may be liable for resulting injuries.

If a defective car part caused injury to you or a loved one, Gainsberg Law will fight to secure adequate compensation. We pride ourselves on providing dependable representation for victims of accidents causes by defective auto parts. Trust your case to an experienced Chicago defective car parts lawyer today.

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Fighting for victims in a variety of defective car part cases

With so many parts on a vehicle, there are numerous defects that can lead to injury. Some examples of auto part defects include:

  • Tire defects. These problems may include tread separation, inadequate construction, or shredding of the tire. 
  • Seat belt failures. Seatbelts are extremely important to protect passengers during an auto collision. When seat belts fail to perform, the results can be fatal. 
  • Brake defects. These problems may include thin brake drums or poorly constructed pads. Brake failure leads to some of the most devastating accidents on the roadways.
  • Defective air bags. Air bags offer an additional defense against the serious injuries caused by collisions. Inadequate design or manufacturing can prevent the air bag from opening properly. Exploding airbags can turn a minor accident into a fatal tragedy.
  • Defective door latches. With a defective latch, the vehicle door may appear closed when it is not. Related accidents may involve the door flying open while the car is in motion.
  • Lack of crashworthiness. Under federal law, all vehicles must meet a level of crashworthiness, which measures its ability to prevent injuries during an accident. When this standard is not met, the manufacturer can be held liable for resulting injuries.

When a vehicle defect causes injury or death, a knowledgeable Chicago defective car parts attorney works to ensure that the exact cause is determined so all liable parties are held responsible.

Proving your product liability claim

A car part defect case can prove challenging to present, due to the extensive amount of evidence a successful product liability claim requires. Once the cause of the accident is determined, you must prove that the defective car part proximately led to the resulting injuries and properly identify all responsible parties. You don’t have to take on this responsibility alone. Secure the assistance of a dependable Chicago car accident lawyer from Gainsberg Law to help you. We will listen to your story and your concerns, and create options for you moving forward.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Reliable and affordable representation for car part defect victims in Chicago

At the client-centered law practice of Gainsberg Law, we consistently provide clients like you with high-quality personal injury representation. If you believe that a defective car part caused your accident, turn to our Chicago defective auto parts attorneys today. Call us today at 312-600-9585 or fill out our contact form. We believe in putting the needs of our clients first.