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Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Chicago Premises Liability Attorneys

Chicago Premises Liability Attorneys Uphold Your Rights When Property Owners Fail to Keep Their Premises Safe

Holding businesses and homeowners responsible for their actions on behalf of Illinois injury victims

Every business that owns or leases an office or building has a duty to keep the inside and outside of the premises safe. Customers who buy food at a restaurant, visit a hospital or apartment complex, shop for merchandise, or just walk on the sidewalk have a right to expect that that the pavements and floors will be safe, that shelves are securely stocked, and that the lighting will allow them to see. Property owners have a duty to regularly inspect their properties for any conditions that might injure a consumer or someone who is legitimately passing by.

At Gainsberg Law, our Chicago premises liability attorneys understand what safety steps every business owner and homeowner must take. We review the building code laws that apply, the maintenance and repair records, and the physical layout of the property where you were injured. We advise clients on the steps they should take immediately after an accident. Our firm has a proven track record of success in property liability claims. We bring claims against the owners, lessees, repair companies, and any entity that failed its obligation to make you safe.

Premises liability basics

In Chicago and the neighboring areas, the ability to win a premises liability claim depends on several factors. Our attorneys will review:

  • If the property owner owed you a duty of care. While trespassers are generally not owed a duty, customers and those on the property with the knowledge of the owner should be protected from harm.
  • If the property owner had notice of the defect. A key question in property liability cases is whether the owner or party responsible for the property knew or should have reasonably known about the defect.
  • If the breach of the duty caused the injuries. A client’s injuries must be caused by the failure to make the property safe. For example, clients who break a leg because they fall due to a hole in the floor or the carpet was torn can generally sue because their injury is due to the bad flooring.

Our Chicago premises liability lawyers investigate the cause of the fall by taking photographs, speaking with witnesses, reviewing lease and maintenance agreements, determining if prior complaints were made, and studying many other aspects of the property conditions and the responsibilities of the owners and tenants.

Types of premises liability cases

Injuries on the property of others happen for many reasons. A few common kinds of injuries are:

  • Slips and falls. Common causes of slips and falls include wet surfaces, sidewalks that haven’t been cleaned of ice and snow, floors that are not level or stable, and when handrails don’t give the proper support.
  • Trips and falls. Clients who trip over tools left on the floor or merchandise left on the ground often have a valid premises liability case.
  • Dog bites. Property owners should keep their dogs secured, especially if they know the dog has a propensity to bite.
  • Bad lighting. Lights should work during store or facility hours, inside the store and in the parking lots.
  • Swimming pool accidents. Homeowners should warn visitors that there is a swimming pool on the property and keep it covered in cold weather so people don’t fall in.
  • Negligent security. Business owners should take steps to make sure their property is safe from any type of attack or criminal element.

Premises liability law applies to government entities, industrial sites, construction sites, businesses that provide services, retailers, homeowners, and any person or entity that invites or allows people onto their property.


$225,000.00 Settlement for Premises Liability Case at a Beauty Salon

A customer at a beauty salon sustained a cracked vertebra when a chair that she sat in collapsed. Case settled for $225,000.00.

[More Verdicts]

Types of Cases We Handle

Some of the more serious types of injuries our firm handles are:

Professional legal services premises liability cases in Chicago

Delay can hurt your case. If you were injured while walking on the property of another or visiting someone’s business or home, you may have the right to hold the owners and others accountable. If you wait too long, the property owner may fix the defect, making it harder to prove fault. Your memory and the memories of any witnesses may fade. For help now, please call 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form to speak with a Chicago premises liability attorney at Gainsberg Law.

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