Tough Advocacy by Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers for Residents of Nursing Homes

Holding Illinois nursing homes responsible for the harm they cause seniors and loved ones

Seniors and their families trust nursing homes to provide for the health and wellbeing of their residents. Sadly, this trust is often misplaced. Due to undertraining, a failure to conduct background checks, neglect, and other reasons, many seniors are abused while they are a nursing home resident. Part of the reason for the abuse is the belief or knowledge that the senior won’t have the ability to resist or fight.

At Gainsberg Law, we are outraged when the elderly are preyed upon, especially by those trusted to care for them. Our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers work with the seniors and their families to stop the abuse in its track so others are not abused. We fight to get our clients justice for the abuse or neglect, including payment of all medical expenses, physical suffering, emotional pain, and any financial losses. In some cases, we file a request for punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer.

The various types of nursing home abuse

There are five common ways that seniors are abused:

  • Physical abuse. Abuse of the body includes more than just punches or assaults. In nursing homes, physical abuse can include overmedicating a patient, or the use of physical or chemical restraints. Improper nourishment can cause malnutrition and dehydration.
  • Emotional abuse. Verbal attacks, threats, isolating a patient, and other conduct can cause a senior to become anxious, depressed, and scared. Some resident may be afraid to ask for the grooming or even food they need for fear of being mentally abused. Many residents withdraw as a result of emotion abuse.
  • Sexual abuse. Some residents are forced to have sexual contact by the people who take care of them, or by other residents, visitors, family members, and trespassers.
  • Financial abuse. This type of abuse is all too tempting for nursing home staff and administrators. Many residents are forced or persuaded to sign papers or disclose information against their own interest or wishes. Examples include powers of attorney, checks, and credit card details. In some cases, seniors sign wills that favor nursing homes and their workers, including disposing of homes and bank accounts.
  • Neglect. Neglect is not “technically” abuse, but it is a danger for many residents. In addition to nursing home abuse cases, our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys investigate neglect, which can range from failing to give a patient the right medications to faulty railings and slippery surfaces.

Types of nursing home misconduct

At Gainsberg Law, we hold nursing homes, staff, and contractors accountable for abuse and neglect, including the following:

  • Poor staffing. Failing to hire quality personnel. This includes failing to run criminal background checks and checking the applicant’s credentials.
  • Not hiring enough staff. Saving money on staff often comes with its own price — a lack of service to the elder residents and a lack of supervision of the employees. Understaffing can also cause the workers to dislike their job and take their frustrations out on the residents.
  • Poor supervision. Working with elder residents is hard work, especially if medical assistance is required. Staff should be trained on how to manage their time, on understanding what duties are required, and knowing how to speak with the residents.
  • Failing to respect the patient’s rights. Each resident has a variety of rights, including the right to be fully informed, the right to complain, the right to participate in one’s own care, and the right to privacy.

If a nursing home facility does not properly train employees or care for patients, our law firm can help you get justice.

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