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Burn injuries affect victims in multiple ways. In addition to the physical pain and trauma, many victims require multiple surgeries. Many burn injury victims in Chicago require psychological counseling because the emotional scars are often just as traumatic as the physical pain. Burns can happen due to vehicle accidents, defective heaters and other products, explosions, electrical accidents, fires caused by the negligence of a property owner, and many other reasons.

At Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers, our Chicago burn injury attorneys have the experience and skill to guide burn victims through this extremely difficult time. We work with fire officials and other professionals such as product engineers to show how the accident that caused your burns started and why it was preventable. We work with your doctors and you to show just how different and difficult your life is because of your burns. We demand payment for the physical pain, the severe emotional suffering, the costs of the surgeries and doctor visits, the scarring and disfigurement that many burn victims live with, and any lost income. In one tragic case, we obtained the $300,000 policy limits in a wrongful death lawsuit for a 15-year-old boy who was killed in a house fire.

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How are burn injuries categorized?

Close to a half million people receive treatment for some time of burn injury yearly, according to the American Burn Association. About 40,000 people are admitted to hospitals, many to hospital burn centers, for these injuries each year. Many of the victims and patients were burned due to negligence, an accident, or because of a product malfunction.

Burns are grouped by severity or degree. There are three main categories of burn injuries (though certain groups recognize four or even five). They include:

  • First-degree burns. This is the least severe level of a burn. The damage is only to the outer layer of the skin, and permanent scarring is uncommon. Sunburn is a common example.
  • Second-degree burns. The patient’s outer layer (epidermis) and the layer underneath (the dermis) are damaged. Blisters and scarring often accompany second-degree burns.
  • Third-degree burns. The deepest skin layer, the fat layer, and underlying tissue are damaged. Nerve damage, along with blisters and scarring, are common. Persons who suffer third-degree burns often have difficulty breathing, and could have trouble regulating their internal body temperature if the scarring covers a significant portion of their body.

Fourth and fifth-degree burns are life-threatening. Most are fatal.

What are the common causes of burns?

Burn injuries include the following types of burns:

  • Thermal burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Radiation burns

Burns can be caused by fire, exposure to chemicals or gas, electricity, scalding water, and many other causes. Some of the causes of burns that may be caused by another person’s negligence include:

  • Vehicle accidents. Any time any vehicle is involved in a collision there is a possibility the fuel tank will explode or create a leak, which can cause a fire. Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers represents clients who are burned due to collisions involving carstrucksmotorcycles, and every type of fuel-dependent vehicle.
  • Product malfunction. Every electrical product has the potential to cause a fire. Recently, even some smartphones have been shown to cause burn injuries. Space heaters are also a common cause of burn injuries.
  • Untended fires. Many fires are caused because someone was careless. Leaving flammable liquids around the house or work can cause a fire. Unattended stoves and fireplaces can start a fire. Our Chicago burn injury attorneys work with the fire department, the police, and others to determine whether negligence was a cause and who is responsible.
  • Intentional acts. Any deliberate act, such as arson, deserves to be punished. When burn injuries are intentional, our attorneys demand punitive damages in addition to the full compensation the law allows.

Burn injuries can also be caused by construction accidents, workplace accidents, tank explosions, and in many other ways. Whatever the cause of the injury, our attorneys are prepared to represent you.

What are the complications that arise from serious burns?

Burn injuries often involve scarring, blistering, and swelling. Serious burns, however, can lead to several long-term complications. Those complications include:

  • Increased risk of infection because the skin’s protective barrier is destroyed
  • Increased risk of sepsis if infection sets in
  • Low blood volume that can risk heart function
  • Low body temperatures that can risk hypothermia
  • Damage to bones and joints
  • Inability to regulate body temperature if the pores melt
  • Contracture over joints and muscles, leading to mobility and/or respiratory distress
  • Internal organ damage, including that caused by the inhalation of toxic chemicals, ash, and embers
  • Spreading tissue necrosis

Who is liable for burn injuries?

Our Chicago burn injury lawyers file personal injury, product liability, and wrongful death claims against all responsible parties. The liable defendants may include:

  • Drivers and vehicle owners. These defendants are usually liable because they violated the Illinois traffic laws or drove negligently in some way.
  • Employers may be liable for the negligence of any of their drivers. They may also be liable to non-employees for negligently causing any fires or any type of burn injuries. Employees may be entitled to worker’s compensation.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. These companies may be liable for failing to properly design or manufacture their products, such as microwaves and other appliances. They may also be liable for failing to provide proper warnings or instructions on how to safely use their products.
  • Property owners. These individuals and businesses may be liable for failing to follow local safety codes, acting negligently in any way, and failing to respond to any smoke or fires in a timely manner. Property owners such as hotels and restaurants may be liable for serving scalding hot liquids. Residential homeowners may be liable for tossed cigarettes that cause fires, failure to have fire extinguishers, and other reasons.

Other defendants may be liable depending on how the fire occurred.

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What are the treatments for burn injuries in Chicago?

Burn injuries, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, often cause severe emotional damage as well as physical damage – especially if the burns are visible to others. Burn injuries may cause residents of Chicago to suffer loss of limbs, disfigurement, scarring, loss of function, recurring infections, muscle damage, and tissue damage. Many victims suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

The healthcare providers who treat burns, in addition to the surgical team, include:

  • Orthopedists
  • General surgeons
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Internists
  • Infectious disease specialists
  • Rehabilitation burn care nurses
  • Psychologists/psychiatrists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Recreational therapists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Vocational counselors
  • Nutritionists
  • Social workers
  • Case managers

Surgical care may include breathing assistance, feeding tubes, blood circulation care, skin grafts, and plastic surgery. Burn care rehabilitation includes complex wound care, pain management, and family counseling.

How much is my burn injury claim worth in Illinois?

At Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers, our Chicago burn injury lawyers work with your doctors and our network of burn injury specialists to fully document and show the severity and scope of your burns, the medical care you needed and will continue to need, and how your burns are affecting you every day of your life – physically, emotionally, and with regard to your ability to work.

We demand compensation for all your current and future:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income and benefits
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Loss of bodily function
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium (marital enjoyment)

Do you have a burn injury lawyer near me?

Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers meets burn injury victims and families at our office located at 77 W Washington Street, Suite 1215. Our downtown Chicago office is near two bus stops. Our Chicago burn injury lawyers conduct video conferences by appointment. We also meet clients who are too immobile or ill to come to our office at a hospital or a burn injury center.

We’ll answer all your questions and guide you through the claims process.

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Burn injuries can be extremely difficult to cope with. Surgeries can be expensive, and the patient never really knows how well the surgery will go. Serious burn injury victims may lose the ability to use the part of the body that was burned. Cosmetic cures often aren’t satisfying. At Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers, a caring Chicago burn injury lawyer will guide you and your family through the complexities of the law, while working with your doctors to fully understand the depth of your medical problems. To discuss your case directly with a skilled attorney, please call us or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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