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Chicago Negligent Security Lawyers Hold Property Owners Accountable for Your Injuries

Strong counsel for Illinois premises liability victims

Premises liability is not just confined to keeping surfaces dry and merchandise off the floor. All property owners have a duty to make sure their premises, inside and outside, are safe from muggers and other criminal acts. Injuries can include rape, murder, assault, knifings, and other physical attacks.

At Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers, our lawyers understand that property owners have an affirmative duty to provide good lighting, limited access, safety patrols, and other security measures depending on where the property is, prior incidents, and known cases of criminal conduct. Our Chicago negligent security attorneys work with law enforcement and other professionals to help prove the owner failed to protect their customers and people who they would reasonably expect would visit their property.

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Common security measures

Many of the steps owners can take are not expensive and do not take a lot of time. Some of the strategies securities professionals recommend for property owners are:

  • Installing proper lighting for parking areas
  • Constructing a fence
  • Buying door locks
  • Using video cameras
  • Limiting how people can access the building
  • Conducting background checks on workers and tenants
  • Contracting with a professional security company

Our Chicago negligent security lawyers have the experience to help prove there was a duty to provide security and that that duty was breached. We work to show the property owner knew or should have reasonably known that criminal activity at their location was likely.

Where most injuries tend to occur

Almost any enterprise can be held liable for negligent security if the facts warrant a legal claim. Some places that are especially prone to criminal conduct are:

  • Apartment buildings and condo units
  • Hotels and motels
  • Places of work
  • Amusement parks
  • Retail stores
  • Parking lots
  • Stop-and-go stores
  • Gas stations
  • Taverns
  • Schools that have dorms

Any business that has accessible cash is also a likely target for criminal misconduct. When a criminal attack occurs, it is not just the attacker who is liable for your injuries. The owner of the property can also be held liable under the right circumstances. We fight to ensure that you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

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In criminal attacks, the injuries are often quite severe. We focus on the fight, so you can focus on healing. To get justice, please phone Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers at 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form to talk to a Chicago negligent security lawyer. You may have a strong recovery coming to you.

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