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Slip and Fall

Chicago Premises Liability Attorneys

Experienced Chicago Premises Liability Attorneys Advocating for People Hurt in Slip and Fall Accidents

Holding Illinois property owners accountable for unsafe spaces

Visitors to any building have a right to expect that the owners of the property have made the property safe. Floors, carpets, stairways, parking lots, and every corner of the property should be routinely inspected to make sure the surfaces are dry and the structures are secure. People who buy products, use services, or engage in social activities are focused on what they are purchasing, what service they need, and the reasons they are visiting someone. The owner of the premises has a duty to help the visitor or passerby keep focused on their task instead of the floor or their surroundings.

Premises liability law in Illinois requires that property owners and anyone responsible for the repairs or inspections of property keep the surroundings safe. A slip or fall can cause broken bones, concussions, bruises, nerve damage, and even death. At Gainsberg Law, our Chicago slip and fall lawyers understand how to identify the responsible parties and how to hold them accountable for the injuries they cause. We have a strong track record of success, including obtaining a $60,000 settlement on behalf of a 54-year-old woman who lived in a group home and injured her hip due to water seepage from a leaky refrigerator.

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When property owners are responsible for your safety

The duty to keep property safe applies to commercial property owners, nonprofits, and homeowners. It applies to single person owners, small companies, and large businesses. Our Chicago premises liability attorneys work to prove that the owner:

  • Created the improper condition
  • Knew of the dangerous condition on the property
  • Should have known of a dangerous condition by conducting routine inspections or responding to customer complaints

Some of the property owners we are ready to sue if they cause an accident are:

  • Retail stores
  • Food stores
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Residential property owners who fail to clean their sidewalks
  • Construction sites
  • Hotels
  • Any other type of business

Sometimes the fault lies with a maintenance staff that failed to perform a routine inspection or did so improperly. Other times, a repair company called in to fix a known problem may do a bad job. Our Chicago slip and fall lawyers bring cases against these companies too.

Common causes of slips and falls

A slip and fall is usually due to a wet surface. A trip and fall is normally caused by an uneven surface. Some of the other reasons people may slip and fall or trip and fall are:

  • Flooring that is worn
  • Carpets that are torn
  • Objects, such as merchandise, that are on the floor
  • Staircases that have loose railing
  • Potholes
  • Bad lighting
  • Tiles that are loose or cracked
  • Negligent security
  • Ice and snow that hasn’t been removed
  • Loose wires and cables

Property owners can be held liable if they failed to warn others if they knew a property defect did exist.


$50,000.00 Settlement for Slip-and-Fall Victim at the North Riverside Mall, North Riverside, IL

On July 16, 2016, a 46-year-old male was at the North Riverside Mall in North Riverside, IL. Our client slipped and fell on substance, which appeared to be some type of liquid, near the food court. Our client sustained a fracture to his right ankle and required surgery. He made an excellent recovery from the surgery and had full range of motion and use of his ankle within a month after the surgery.

The mall and its maintenance company disputed that it had any notice of the liquid and initially denied the claim. The mall stated that another customer must have spilled the liquid merely moments before our client fell. The video camera in the food court did not capture the fall or how the liquid spilled. After extensive negotiations and providing evidence that the mall and its maintenance company had an opportunity to clean the spill, the mall and its maintenance company agreed to a $50,000.00 settlement. The settlement allowed our client to avoid the time and expense of trial and get the necessary and proper compensation for his injury.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Make the call to an experienced Chicago slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible

The Chicago slip and fall attorneys at Gainsberg Law work to prove liability by inspecting the scene of the accident, speaking with witnesses, and demanding to see any reports of complaints and any invoices for repairs. We determine who was responsible for the defect and when the owner or party knew or should have known of the defect. Our lawyers review your injuries with your doctors so we know all your medical problems and pain. Please call us at 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form to get answers and start your road to economic justice.