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Construction Zone

Chicago Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

Chicago Construction Zone Accident Lawyers Protecting the Injured

Holding the owners of construction zones responsible for failing to protect citizens in Illinois

Almost every day, commuters and drivers encounter some road that is being constructed due to necessary repairs, widening lanes, building new edifices, or for other reasons. While construction is a necessary part of life, the owners of construction sites have a duty to make their sites safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Our Chicago construction zone accident lawyers understand the steps that owners must take to protect anyone who drives or walks through the construction site. At Gainsberg Law, we determine why the accident happened and what could have been done to prevent it. We seek to hold liable negligent site owners, irresponsible repair crews, contractors, and even a city, town, or state if they failed their safety obligations.

Safety duties to protect drivers at construction sites

Construction zones should be planned in advance to properly warn all oncoming drivers so they can reasonably react to changes in the road. Some of the common safety steps include:

  • Lanes must be marked correctly.
  • The initial warning signs should be far in advance of the construction site.
  • Drivers should know that the speed limit is being reduced or that the number of lanes is narrowing.
  • Car, truck, and motorcycle operators should know which alternative lanes they may need to take.
  • It should be clear to all drivers when construction is beginning and ending.
  • Merge lanes should be marked.

Where needed, the construction site should have personnel to guide drivers and indicate when drivers must stop and when they can proceed.

At Gainsberg Law, we review accident records, inspect the construction zone scene, speak with witnesses, and when necessary consult with engineering experts to help prove negligence. We also review whether any laws or regulations were violated, if all the proper work permits were obtained, if there were proper barricades, and if there was proper control of all traffic.

Construction sites should be safe for pedestrians

Construction zone owners, builders, contractors, and others responsible for the site must also protect anyone who walks by the construction site. This is especially true when the construction is in a city or where pedestrians are likely to walk. Without proper warnings, pedestrians can:

  • Be struck by falling objects
  • Slip and fall into holes or on uneven surfaces
  • Be injured or killed by oncoming traffic
  • Be hurt by forklifts and other machinery at the site

Construction site owners cannot assume that pedestrians will be on constant lookout for danger. It is the duty of the owners, contractors, and others to take affirmative steps to make the construction zone safe. This duty of safety also applies at night and when no work is being done, as well as during business operations.

Get justice for construction zone accidents on Chicago by speaking with experienced legal counsel

At Gainsberg Law, our lawyers have the skills and tenacity to fight the insurance companies and the defense lawyers. We guide injured victims and the families of deceased victims through each step of their case. We demand compensation for your physical pain, emotional suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Our attorneys bring claims against all responsible parties — not just the owners of the site. To discuss your case with a caring Chicago construction zone accident attorney, please call for an appointment at 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form.