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Congress Is Taking on Drunk Driving in Surface Transportation Bill

People who have been convicted of driving while under the influence are familiar with certain ignition interlock devices. These are the types of devices that prevent a driver from operating a vehicle when he or she is inebriated. The driver cannot even turn the vehicle on without blowing into the breathalyzer and determining whether the…

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What Is Pharmacy Malpractice?

There are many types of medical malpractice other than physician malpractice. Hospitals and diagnostic centers can also commit malpractice. One type of malpractice that can often be deadly is pharmacy malpractice. Pharmacists fill and distribute the medications you need if you have any type of illness. Sometimes, patients receive a container or package of medications.…

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Neal Gainsberg Talks Insurance Claims During COVID-19

Gainsberg Law P.C. founder Neal Gainsberg recently sat down with “Let’s Get Legal” radio host Jon Hansen for a discussion about restaurant insurance and claims during the pandemic. The two talked about which losses are covered, which aren’t, and the struggles some smaller restaurants face nearly two years into the pandemic. All businesses, including restaurants,…

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The Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 2021

A group of Democratic Senators introduced legislation on August 10, that aims to improve the quality of care nursing home residents receive and provide oversight of nursing homes. The bill proposes changes regarding nursing home staffing, monitoring and enforcement, to the website Care Compare managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and many…

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Wrong-Way Crashes Are Rare, But Often Deadly

Interstate 80 has been a nightmare for years, subjected to emergency road work and the online, legitimate complaints of drivers who need to navigate it. It’s riddled with potholes, and its bridges are in desperate need of repair. Whether or not I-80’s terrible condition was the cause of a deadly head-on collision this Labor Day,…

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