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The Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 2021

A group of Democratic Senators introduced legislation on August 10, that aims to improve the quality of care nursing home residents receive and provide oversight of nursing homes. The bill proposes changes regarding nursing home staffing, monitoring and enforcement, to the website Care Compare managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and many…

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Wrong-Way Crashes Are Rare, But Often Deadly

Interstate 80 has been a nightmare for years, subjected to emergency road work and the online, legitimate complaints of drivers who need to navigate it. It’s riddled with potholes, and its bridges are in desperate need of repair. Whether or not I-80’s terrible condition was the cause of a deadly head-on collision this Labor Day,…

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Heart Failure, Heart Attacks, and Car Accidents

Auto accidents are often caused by driver negligence. Drivers who drive while intoxicated, distracted, or tired should be held liable for the injuries and fatalities they cause. Drivers who speed or run through red lights should be liable for all the harm they cause. Liability is less certain, though, if a driver has an accident…

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Are Motorcycle Helmet Standards Reliable?

Illinois is one of just a few states that does not require that motorcycle riders (adults or minors, drivers or passengers) wear a helmet, though it does require things like goggles and face shields. Even though the state doesn’t require helmet use, it is strongly advisable that riders wear a quality helmet. According to the…

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Need Insurance in Chicago? Ask These Questions Before You Buy

Consumers need different types of insurance coverage. Most Chicago residents need insurance for their home and their car, and may need top purchase health insurance if it is not provided by an employer. They should also consider life insurance if they are older or have children. Insurance policies can be challenging to read, and finding…

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Wrong-Way Crashes Cause Many Fatalities

It seems a no-brainer – don’t drive down a one-way street in the wrong direction. Don’t drive on any road where the traffic is coming towards you. Driving the wrong way generally means you’re destined to have a head-on crash with any of the cars coming towards you. Head-on crashes on any Chicago road are…

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