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Motorcycle Accidents

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Advocating for Riders and Passengers

Professional and compassionate attorneys who understand how deadly motorcycle accidents in Illinois can be

Motorcycle accidents often cause death or permanent injury. Motorcycle operators and passengers have little protection when an accident happens. There is no hood, rear, or side of a vehicle to protect the riders. When a collision occurs, the driver and passenger are almost certain to fall off their motorcycle onto the hard ground – often at high speeds. Even with helmets and other safety gear, the riders can suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken arms and legs, or even death.

The Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys at Gainsberg Law fight for injured drivers and riders throughout Illinois. Our lawyers work to prove that another vehicle operator, defective parts, poorly designed roads, or other types of negligence caused the accident. When fault can be proved, we demand compensation for pain and suffering, payment for all hospital and medical bills, and compensation for any lost earnings. In egregious cases, we ask for punitive damages.

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Why motorcycle accidents happen

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics (NHTSA) for 2014, over 4,500 people were killed in motorcycle accidents in just one year. About 40% of the victims were not wearing helmets. The NHTSA statistics confirm that motorcycle operators are much more likely than automobile drivers to die if an accident occurs.

There are many reasons why motorcycle accidents occur. Some of the many causes our legal team investigates are:

  • Distracted drivers. Many automobile drivers do not anticipate that motorcyclists are on the same road. Car and truck drivers often fail to see the motorcycle because a motorcycle is much smaller. Drivers of larger vehicles also often fail to account for the speed, passing ability, and stopping ability of the motorcycle operator. These failures are compounded when the weather is poor.
  • Hazardous roadways. Any defect in the road is a danger to the motorcycle operator. Two-wheeled vehicles with smaller wheels cannot handle changes in the road in the same way as larger vehicles. A pothole, a dead animal, a change in the type of road surface, road construction, a change in the curve of a road – any change can cause the motorcyclist to fall.
  • Drunk drivers. A drunk driver poses a more serious threat to riders than, perhaps, to others on the road. Because motorcycle riders and passengers do not have the protective lawyers around them that a car or truck would provide, they are more likely to be hurt if they are hit. We can help you take back control of your life if you were struck by a drunk driver.
  • Defective motorcycle parts. Motorcycles, like other vehicles, can be manufactured improperly. A poor helmet design or a faulty brake line can lead to a serious injury. Our Chicago motorcycle accident law firm works with experts to determine if the brakes malfunctioned, the tires were faulty, the handlebars were defective, the motorcycle was not properly balanced, or if other defects caused the accident.

Motorcycles can fall under an automobile or truck immediately after a collision, which only makes the injuries more serious or deadly. No matter what kind of injury you sustained, Gainsberg Law can protect you.

Who is responsible for a motorcycle accident?

Our attorneys fight to hold every liable party responsible. Some of the entities that can be held liable for a motorcycle accident, depending on how it happened, are:

  • The owner(s) of the vehicle the caused the accident
  • A manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the motorcycle or defective motorcycle parts
  • The company that hired a trucker to drive his/her truck – if the truck driver caused the accident
  • Illinois or a government subdivision of Illinois
  • Anyone or any business responsible for road maintenance
  • A tavern that served liquor to someone knowing that person was intoxicated

Motorcycle passengers may have a direct claim against the driver of the motorcycle for careless or negligent conduct. We work to determine the exact reason for the accident for several reasons:

  • Fault. Primarily, any skilled Chicago motorcycle accident attorney needs to prove how the accident happened to assign fault or to prove liability.
  • Injuries. The manner of the accident is useful in determining the extent of a person’s injuries.
  • Who to sue. Determining the cause of the accident is also a key factor in determining which people or companies to sue.

At our firm, we leave no stone unturned to hold everyone who played a role in the accident accountable. In cases of wrongful death, our lawyers with the family on behalf of the deceased victim and the family itself.

Speak with an experienced and trusted Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer today

The insurance companies will have strong counsel representing their clients. Injured motorcycle accident victims need their own tough Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys who will fight for them and their families. Gainsberg Law has extensive experience in state and federal courts. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can answer your questions, investigate your case, and fight to get you a full recovery. Please call us today at 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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