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7 Hazards to Look Out for When Riding a Motorcycle This SpringRiding a motorcycle is exhilarating. It’s also incredibly dangerous, no matter how much experience you have. There’s just not enough protection for you or your passenger on a motorcycle. As you prepare your motorcycle for the warmer weather of the spring season, be sure to look for the following seven hazards once you head out on the open roads of Illinois.

Black ice due to unpredictable weather

Just because spring is in the air doesn’t mean that black ice won’t be a problem. Temperatures fluctuate early in the spring and if it rains at night or even snows, anything that melts can wind up freezing overnight, causing black ice. Going for a motorcycle ride early in the morning can be dangerous. Take it slow or avoid riding until later in the day when the black ice has had time to melt, removing slick spots on the roads.


The winter has been brutal this year in Illinois. This means that there will be thousands of potholes on Chicago streets and state highways. Potholes can wreak havoc on a motorcycle, causing damage and even leading to a Chicago motorcycle accident. You need to be extra vigilant when riding a motorcycle in the spring after a rough winter as road crews likely haven’t had time to fill potholes yet.

Cars, trucks, and other motorists

You will need to readjust to riding a motorcycle after not doing so for the last four months or so. Other motorists will also need to adjust to seeing motorcycles on the roads of Chicago after such a long, rough winter. There’s no guarantee that other motorists will look twice to save a life. Make yourself as visible as possible to other motorists, avoid blind spots, try to anticipate their next move, and give yourself plenty of space.

Fellow motorcycle riders

You also need to be on the lookout for other motorcyclists. Not everyone will practice safe riding techniques like you. For those who have been cooped up all winter, the first motorcycle ride of the spring will feel like freedom. Other motorcycle riders might weave in and out of traffic, speed, and ignore other safety protocols. You need to be just as observant of them as other motorists in order to protect yourself.


The springtime is the active season for animals like squirrels, skunks, possums, and raccoons. All of these mammals will leave their winter nests and begin foraging for food with their young. They are bound to wander out onto roads and can be problematic for motorcycles. Be on the lookout for these animals as much as possible the next time you decide to go for a ride on your motorcycle.

Sun glare

Sun glare is a serious problem for motorcycle riders and other motorists during the spring season. Sun glare can make it impossible to see oncoming traffic or to remain in your lane. When faced with sun glare you should put on sunglasses to reduce the strength of the sun. you should pull off the road to a safe location if you are being blinded by the glare.

Defects or problems with your ride

You should always examine your motorcycle before going out for a ride. This is especially true when taking it out of winter storage. Make sure all of the lights work, there is enough gas in the tank, the belts are secure, and that there are no missing parts. Check for any recalls issued by the manufacturer of your motorcycle and have the necessary repairs made before going for a ride this spring season.

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