Are motorcycles more dangerous than cars? Depends on who’s behind the wheel of each one. Call Gainsberg Law in Chicago for help after a wreck.If you own a motorcycle you likely know how dangerous of a hobby this is and it doesn’t matter your experience level. The sad fact of the matter is that you can be as safe as possible when riding, but there will always be an unsafe driver out there who could wind up causing a serious motorcycle accident that leaves you tragically injured. Today, we will take a look at a question that is asked often: are motorcycles more dangerous than cars?

Perception of danger and risk differs by the person

The perception of danger and risk will differ based on the person with whom you speak. That means that everyone looks at things differently than the person next to them. So, you might think that cars are more dangerous than motorcycles, while your neighbor might feel that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. Two facts that are always present when riding a motorcycle are that it requires more brain power and more focus compared to driving a car or other motor vehicle.

The risk factors of riding a motorcycle

There are certain risk factors that will be present both when riding in a car or when riding a motorcycle. These include inclement weather, potholes, bad or impaired drivers and more. These factors affect all vehicles on the roads. Some risk factors that pose a higher danger to motorcycles than to cars include oil on the roads, salt, wet leaves, gravel and other debris. Motorcycles only have two wheels (most of them) and you need all the balance you can get to ride safely. If a motorcycle hits an oil patch or gravel it can spin out of control easily.

Being hit by a car or other motor vehicle

If a motorcyclist is hit by a car or any other type of motor vehicle you can imagine how serious the injuries can be for the rider. As a motorcycle rider you need to always assume that other drivers do not see you at all, even when you are not in their blind spots. You should never rely on other drivers to follow the rules of the road or to drive safely when you are on the bike.

More practice is necessary to ride a motorcycle

It will take more practice than the amount you put into learning how to drive a car when learning to ride a motorcycle. You need to practice balancing on the bike, driving at night, reacting to vehicles that enter your lane unexpectedly and more. Practice can be performed in an empty parking lot with other experienced riders.

The bottom line

When it comes to answering the question of motorcycles being more dangerous than cars, the data supports the answer of yes. In 2013, data from the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that for every mile traveled, the number of deaths for motorcyclists was 26 times more than the number of deaths related to cars.

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