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Teens and Motorcycle Driving School Make for a Smart, Safe CombinationThere’s nothing more stressful than your teenager reaching driving age. First, they can apply for and be issued a learner’s permit. Then, they can obtain their provisional driver’s license. Finally, they can obtain their driver’s license. It’s a worrisome time in the life of a parent. If your teen driver is interested in motorcycles, it might be a smart idea not to squash that interest. Instead, enroll your teen driver in motorcycle driving school.

Improve teen driver safety and alertness

One of the biggest reasons you should enroll your teenager in a motorcycle driving class is that it will improve their driver safety and alertness. Chicago motorcycle accidents are devastating, whether you were on the motorcycle or were in a traditional motor vehicle. When a teenager takes a motorcycle driving course, he or she becomes more aware of how difficult it is to be seen by other drivers, hopefully encouraging them to look twice and save a life when behind the wheel.

Learn how to inspect a vehicle

The majority of motorcycle driving courses teach students how to inspect the motorcycle prior to every ride. This inspection can be used on a regular car, van, truck, or even a SUV driven by your teenager, not just a motorcycle. The TCLOCS method goes like this:

T: Tires and wheels

C: Controls (levers, pedal, cables, hoses, and throttle)

L: Lights (battery, headlights, turn signals, mirrors)

O: Oil fluid levels

C: Chassis (frame, suspension, chain)

S: Stands (center stand or kickstand)

Obviously, there is no kickstand on a motor vehicle. However, you can use that portion of the inspection to take a look at the Spare tire to ensure that it has enough air in it.

Consider being invisible on the roads

Many motorcycle riding instructors drill it into their students’ heads that they need to think of themselves as invisible when riding a motorcycle. Assume that other drivers aren’t looking out for you when on a motorcycle. A teenager who takes this class and learns this might take that same stance when driving a car or SUV and begin assuming that they aren’t seen by other drivers. This might save their life one day.

Solidify a teen’s view on driving

A motorcycle driving class can help solidify your teenager’s view of driving. Since your teenager is still green, you can help form how they view the road around them and all other drivers. It’s still possible that your teen will be a teen and make bad decisions like tailgating, speeding, and weaving in and out of traffic. However, taking such a course can reduce the possibility that your teen will make these poor decisions.

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