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Can I Bring a Claim if I Fall on Snow, Ice or Rain?

If you suffered an injury because you fell or slipped on a wet substance, on an icy substance, on a snowy substance, you may have a claim for your injuries. Snow and ice and rain cases are some of the more complicated cases. The law is not often on the side of the injured victim in these types of cases.

But, if you can show that the snow, ice, or rain was not caused by natural forces, but was caused by some sort of wrongful carelessness, negligent conduct, by the property owner, or by somebody who had control of the hazard where the slippery, icy substance was, then you may have a claim. That's why if you do get hurt on somebody's property, or if you get hurt by snow or ice or some other natural substance, it is important for you to contact an attorney.

Here at Gainsberg Law, we handle snow and ice rain cases all the time. We investigate to see if the property has hazards that contributed to the snow and icy conditions: leaky gutters, improper piping, other types of safety violations that may cause snow and ice to turn into unnatural accumulations and cause injuries. If you are injured from one of these types of situations, please contact us or call us.