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5 Common Scenarios Leading to Injuries in Autumn in Chicago

5 Common Scenarios Leading to Injuries in Autumn in ChicagoAutumn is finally here, which means the leaves are changing colors, the kids are back at school, and a whole new host of projects awaits us as we prepare for winter. Autumn may be lovely, but the risk of certain types of injuries increases during these months.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, to keep yourself safe this fall:

  1. Raking leaves can be painful work. If you have trees, you have falling leaves – period. The repeated motion of raking them up can cause you to strain your back or wrists; so can lifting them in large piles. If you’re like us, you might be a bit blister-prone, too, and an open wound exposed to dirt and debris can easily become infected. A rake with an ergonomic handle may be a good investment tool if you have trees on your property, as would be a pair of sturdy gloves.
  2. Burning leaves also increases the risk of injury. Different cities and towns in Illinois have different ordinances when it comes to burning leaves. If you are allowed to burn yours, know that burn injuries can happen quickly, and can have serious repercussions. Make sure the kids are as far away as they can be, and don’t burn leaves underneath a tree or close to a house, lest a spark for the leaves turn into a house fire. Be aware, too, that smoke can irritate existing illnesses like asthma, COPD and other lung-related ailments.
  3. Be aware of school buses and pedestrians. School is back in sessions, which means more buses and more children walking around. If the stop sign is out on the bus, you have to stop; it’s the law. Small children can dart in and around the school buses and other parked cars, so move slowly through school zones.
  4. Early morning frost makes for slippery walks. Whether you are off to work, walking the dog, coming down the driveway, or doing any of the hundreds of things that comprise your day to day activities, you should be aware that the ground could have ice patches. Slip and fall injuries increase this time of year; make sure to look carefully at your surroundings, and to avoid “distracted walking.”
  5. Changes in daylight hours can throw off your routine. Less sun means less visibility, and a greater probability that you will be driving at night. If you have difficulties driving because of sun-glare or your night vision, make sure to adjust your schedule and routine appropriately.

At Gainsberg Law, we love the fall season, even if it does have some hidden dangers. We hope all of you enjoy the crisp air and changing colors, too. We just want to make sure you are safe and prepared for the change of the season, so you can enjoy it as much as we do.

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