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Fatal Traffic Accidents in Illinois

It’s safe to say that the state of Illinois has a speeding problem. After all, look at the data. In 2020, Illinois hit a five-year high for traffic fatalities at 1,195 deaths. We wish we could say that the increase in fatalities stopped there. Unfortunately, 2021 continued the trend, with an increase of 71 fatalities…

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The Raw Truth About Hit and Run Crashes in Chicago

People underestimate how deadly a hit and run accident can be. It is more than just an inconsiderate and cowardly act to try to avoid accountability for a car accident. The driver leaving the scene of the accident is at risk of causing more harm to more people as he or she attempts to get…

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The Deadly Dangers of SUV-Pedestrian Collisions

We are all aware of the risks when crossing the street. We teach our children from young ages to look both ways, to be patient for the sake of being safe. However, the commonality of this practice may be leading to a misguided sense of immortality — on the part of both the pedestrian and…

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Autonomous Cars: Are They Worth the Risk?

Innovation is the heart of invention, and this has never been more apparent than it is now with such a boom of technological advances all around the world. Scientists and experts of all sorts are constantly coming up with new ways to make our daily lives faster, easier, more affordable, and safer. One industry that…

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The Dangers of Car Fires

Jorgen and Carolyn Vindum are grateful to be alive after a terrible scare a few months ago. The couple received a shock of a lifetime when they were awakened by their alarms at a quarter to six in the morning and noticed flames coming from the garage. Once Jorgen and his wife were safely outside…

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Recent Crashes Point Out Safety Issues with Chicago Roads

A number of recent accidents here in Chicago highlight the dangers of both negligent motorists and traffic conditions in the city. With over two million residents, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our streets and roads are crowded, but the number of crashes and collisions continue increasing every year, which means more motorists, passengers,…

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