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Common Causes of Casino Injuries

Common Causes of Casino InjuriesCasinos are like indoor playgrounds for adults. With bingo, slot machines, alcohol – sometimes dinner and a show – they can be a fun way to spend some time and hopefully win big.

As of November 20th, casinos – like museums and theaters – will be shut down again to help flatten the curve of coronavirus. When they do reopen, the chances are good that people will be flocking back to play games once again.

With the popularity of casinos like these and the hundreds of visitors they see every day, accidents are bound to happen. However, if your accident and resulting injuries happened because of the casino’s negligence, you’re likely eligible for compensation. Casinos have a responsibility to keep their property safe just like any other business. However, when casino owners or staff are careless or negligent, they can create an unsafe environment, setting the stage for accidents and injuries like:

  • Alcohol-related incidents. Alcohol and clubs are common at casinos, and sometimes people may get over-served. This can put everyone around an intoxicated person at risk for drunk driving accidents or assault.
  • Broken chairs. This might sound like an uncommon casino accident, but injuries from broken furniture happen often in high-use areas. With thousands of people sitting and swiveling in those chairs every year, the seats can become unstable.
  • Criminal activity. Thieves often target casinos, as some patrons may be carrying a lot of cash. Some may break into hotel rooms, and negligent security can result in guests being assaulted or worse.
  • Food poisoning. Whether from room service, fast food or a dining room, casinos serve thousands of people a year. Unsanitary conditions, food left out in a buffet too long, or sick food service employees can spread food poisoning to guests.
  • Shuttle bus injuries. Some casinos use shuttle buses to pick up patrons at hotels or airports. Careless shuttle drivers can cause car accidents and resulting injuries. Or, patrons might fall on the shuttle due to slippery steps or obstructions in the aisle.
  • Slip and fall accidents. Among the most common casino accidents, guests can easily suffer injury slipping and falling in restaurants, hotel rooms, on the casino floor or around swimming pools.

What to do if you are hurt in a casino

When you file a claim against a casino for your injuries and losses, your Chicago injury attorney must be able to prove the business’s negligence led to your injuries. Here are some things you can do to help preserve evidence and build a strong case:

  • Ask to see the manager. The casino manager will ensure you receive appropriate medical care, as well as fill out an incident report. If you are able, tell them exactly what happened and show them where. Request the casino’s insurance company contact information and your own copies of the incident report.
  • Get attention. Paramedics will either treat you on site or take you to the nearest hospital. Don’t fight going to the hospital if they recommend doing so. If you don’t go to the hospital immediately from the scene, get medical attention as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the casino may claim your injuries didn’t happen on their premises.
  • Talk to witnesses. Independent witnesses can be crucial for your case, as they have no personal interest in the outcome. Get any witnesses’ contact information and ask them to write down what they saw, with as much details as possible. We’ll conduct interviews with witnesses when necessary, but it helps to get some first impressions, if you can.
  • Take photos and video. Make good use of your smartphone and take photos or videos of the scene and your injury as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate – the scene of your accident may change in an instant.
  • Confirm your damages and losses. You can’t have an injury claim without damages. Ensure you document your medical treatment and losses caused by your injuries – copies of medical bills and expenses, and employer statements of lost wages. Bring all of that documentation to us, and we can assess the true cost of your injuries.

At Gainsberg Law, we protect people when they are hurt. We will fight for your rights if you were injured in a Chicago casino because of the negligence of the owner, manager, staff, or other liable parties. Call us at 312.600.9585 or use our contact form to schedule a free consultation.