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The typical fee arrangement between a personal injury lawyer, and the personal injury victim or client, is a contingency fee agreement. The contingency fee agreement means that the lawyer only gets a fee if the client wins a case, if the client obtains compensation, or is paid in the case.

If there is no compensation, if there is no recovery, the lawyer’s services are free. That’s the contingency: the lawyer only gets paid if in fact there is a recovery and a positive result for the client in terms of monetary compensation.

Typically, the lawyer’s fee percentage for contingency fee arrangement is one-third – on-third of the gross settlement, or one-third after judgment. At Gainsberg law, we only enter into contingency fee agreements for our personal injury clients. We make sure our fee arrangement is fair and equitable, and while most of our fee percentages are one-third of the settlement, that amount can vary depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. We make sure our clients are taken care of, and are happy and satisfied with the contingency fee arrangement.

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