United Reminds Us Why Planes Are Dangerous, Even When They’re on the GroundIf you were to hear the words “injured on a plane,” would you think the plane had crashed? You wouldn’t be alone: most people assume the worst when they hear about people getting hurt on airplanes. But as that horrific video of Dr. David Dao being physically assaulted on a United flight here in Chicago proves, not all aviation-related injuries come from crashes. In fact, most of the time people are seriously hurt, it has nothing to do with a crash.

Some of the more common ways people get hurt in and around planes include:

  • Slips, trip and falls in the airport. A wet floor, and icy walkway, a cracked piece of pavement: any of these can contribute to a fall. Whether you’re flying form a private or local airport or a hub like O’Hare, you should be very aware of the ground beneath your feet.
  • Injuries caused by turbulence. Heavy turbulence can whip your head and neck around, leading to whiplash or even a traumatic brain injury.
  • Falling objects. You know how flight attendants come around and check the overhead baggage containers before a flight? That’s supposed to minimize the risk of your belongings falling out. If they fail to do that job, or if there is a defect or a problem with the latch, you can sustain a serious injury if a heavy object or bag falls on you.
  • Physical violence. Tempers can flare when flights are delayed, or there’s a problem with take-off, or for a million other reasons. (Just ask Dr. Dao.) If you are physically assaulted by an airline employee or by another passenger, you can make a claim for damages.
  • Runaway snack carts. It may seem silly, but those rolling snack carts are heavy. If the locks fail (or if an attendant fails to secure the cart), they can easily crack or crush a foot or toe, injure an ankle or an arm, or knock over a small child.
  • Poor maintenance. Planes need to be properly maintained – not only so they will fly, but also because you need to be safe. An electrical short can lead to burns or smoke inhalation, and leaking chemicals can lead to scarring or lung-related problems if they are inhaled.

No matter what caused your injury on a plane or in an airport, you should seek the advice of a skilled Chicago plane accident attorney anyway. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and lost time at work, as well as your pain and suffering.

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