You have the right to your day in court, so that you can have members of your community – 12 jurors – make a decision as to the facts of your case, and award you the compensation that you may be entitled to. It takes the decision away from the insurance company, from the other party, from a corporation. It tells the insurance company that we’re gonna go to court. We’re gonna have a jury make that decision.

So if there is not a fair and equitable offer on the table, it gives you that right to get what you are entitled to and what you deserve to get after a trial.

At Gainsberg Law, we often go to trials on cases. We have had proven results at Gainsberg Law at trial. We will make sure that if the insurance company or defendant or other party is not giving you your proper compensation, that we bring your case to the members of the community in a jury trial and get you that proper compensation.

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