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The benefits of settling a case out of court is that you get your compensation at the time of settlement. That means you get paid when you settle the case. If you do not settle your case, you have to wait for a trial, and trials can often be delayed. The courts have many cases pending. The courts have busy schedules, and your case may not be scheduled for trial for months or years. It takes a while sometimes in the state of Illinois to get that trial date. So if you don’t settle your case out of court, you have to wait for that trial date, and your compensation may be delayed.

Trials are also very expensive. It costs money to go to trial. You have to get doctors to testify, expert witnesses. You have to pay for other litigation expenses, and those costs will come from any sort of judgment or settlement you have before trial, or if you get a judgment after trial.

Trials are also very stressful. You have to go to trial; you have to be there every day. You have to be able to testify, or be on the witness stand and give your story in front of strangers from the community, the jury, which are 12 members of the community that you don’t know.

At a trial, the decision as to your compensation is out of your hands. It’s up to the jury to make that decision. A settlement outside of court is where you agree on an amount with the other party or the insurance company. And then you take that decision out of the hands of a jury and you have the amount that you decided is right for you.

So there are many benefits to settling outside of court. That’s why you need to have the proper representation in this matter. If you have any questions about your compensation, your injuries, or about a personal injury case that you have, or that maybe you have a settlement in a case, please contact us at Gainsberg Law. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure you get the proper settlement, to make sure your case should be settled, or it should go to trial. Please call 312-600-9585 or email us, or visit our website at


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