If you have had a tragedy, such as a fire, theft, or other peril that caused you property damage – that caused you to lose your house, car, or other valuable property, furs or jewelry – you often expect your insurance company to be there for you; to provide the benefits under your policy, and the companionship that you would expect from an insurance company; to get you through the peril that you just experienced.

Unfortunately insurance companies are not always there.

If you have a dispute with your insurance company, if your insurance company for some unknown reason, or some unfair reason, has denied your claim, then you should speak to an attorney. At Gainsberg Law, we handle a variety of property damage claims. We are there for you when your insurance company is not there. We make sure that your rights are protected. We look at your insurance policy and we examine it to get the benefits that you’re entitled to.

So if you have lost property and are not being treated right by your insurance company, please contact us in Chicago. You should email us, you should call us at 312-600-9585, or visit our website at GainsbergLaw.com.