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A personal injury case is often a case where it’s based on the liability of a third party. Personal injury case, the best example would be if you are at a store, whether it’s McDonald’s, whether it’s Jewel, whether it’s Menards, and you fell. You would then potentially have a claim against a third party for their liability, for their at-fault conduct in causing you to fall at their store or business.

A work injury is something that occurs on the job while you are working. And it’s different from a personal injury because a work injury is governed by specific laws here in Illinois. It’s called the Workers’ Compensation Statute and that provides benefits to workers who are injured on the job.

Often these types of cases overlap, and you could have a personal injury that occurs at work because a worker may be injured because of the negligence of another party. That’s why you’ve been injured, whether on a property, at a store, or at work. If you suffered some type of injury, we here at Gainsberg Law have the knowledge, experience to make sure that your rights are protected and to get you the proper compensation. If you’ve been injured, please call 312-600-9585 or email us or visit our website at Our Chicago injury attorneys serve clients throughout Illinois.


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