Construction sites pose dangers to many different types of people. Construction sites are hazardous. They have workers who are wearing hard hats because of dangers and unsafe conditions on the construction site. There’s construction being done on the site, which in and of itself, poses a hazard to many types of individuals.

First, you have just your average pedestrian, who may be going for an afternoon or evening walk, who can come about a construction site, and be injured from a hazard or danger on the construction site. You could have workers on a construction site that get injured just from their activity, or just from any danger on the construction site.

A pedestrian that gets injured – they have a variety of possible causes of actions or claims that they can bring against. It’s important for any pedestrian who gets injured on some sort of construction site to contact an attorney to find out their rights.

Workers? They too have a lot of different types of claims or causes of action that they can bring. They have claims under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation law for their injuries that occur on the job. They may have claims against a property owner for failing to do something, for failing to have the right permits. They may have claims against general contractors for not keeping a safe work site, or doing other careless activities.

It’s very important for the injured worker to get hold of an attorney, to talk to an attorney about their rights before proceeding further with their injuries. The construction companies, they will have staff and other people to investigate this, and they will try to minimize any sort of danger, minimize any sort of injury.

If you are injured on a construction site, whether a pedestrian or a worker, please contact Gainsberg Law. We do have the knowledge and experience of handling these types of complex cases, of going after the right parties, of making sure the party that did something wrong is held responsible. And, making sure that you do get the compensation that you deserve. Please call us at 312-600-9585 or email us, or visit our website at Our Chicago construction injury lawyers are ready to fight for you.