Woman Sues Hospital and Manufacturer for Negligence After Developing Debilitating IllnessMany people, including Illinois residents, have received the difficult prognosis that they need open-heart surgery. Although this surgery constitutes a major medical event in a person’s life, it is often performed with great success and offers a positive prognosis. There are, however, complications that can sometimes arise after surgery for these patients.

As an example, a woman recently filed a lawsuit claiming to suffer significant problems after her heart surgery related to hospital negligence.

The woman had a successful cardiac bypass and aortic root replacement procedure. Although the surgery went well, the recovery process took longer than expected. A month after her surgery, the woman was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in her chest. She endured a total of four surgeries and multiple series of powerful antibiotics. Her lawsuit also contended that one of the drugs she was given initiated hearing loss.

The allegations of negligence concerning the Terumo HX2

Court documents in the case reveal that the woman and her husband claimed that the hospital knew of the dangers of a particular device used during her heart surgery. It is a heating and cooling device made by Terumo, a Japanese medical manufacturing company. The device, according to the allegations, allowed her chest to be infiltrated with water-borne act bacteria. Terumo continued to manufacture and sell the device despite certain recommendations made by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The woman’s surgery occurred some five years after Terumo received accusations of the dangers of its Terumo HX2 device, a freestanding heating and cooling device that is designed to circulate water back and forth from the heart and lung machine.

The FDA reported in 2011 that the device’s design permitted the development of waterborne bacteria which could be sent in aerosol form through the device’s exhaust system, making its way through the operating area and eventually into the patient’s open chest.

The woman’s complaint alleged hospital negligence as well as negligence from the manufacturer. She has suffered ongoing, chronic pain which has also affected the life of her family significantly. The lawsuit alleged that the defendants had knowledge that the device could produce serious negative consequences.

Pursuing compensation in the wake of hospital negligence

When a person suffers an injury due to hospital negligence or any other form of medical malpractice, they may make the decision to pursue legal action. An experienced Illinois attorney in such matters can provide the legal guidance necessary to achieve a successful outcome which includes the payment of compensation necessary to cover medical expenses and other losses.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to hospital or medical negligence, it is important to understand that statute of limitations exist in these cases. As well, doctors, hospitals, and other defendants have attorneys who will fight hard to prevent a successful medical malpractice verdict against their clients. Taking prompt action to obtain strong advocacy from an experienced medical malpractice attorney serving Chicago and the surrounding areas is vital. To get started with a free case evaluation, call our law office today at 312-600-9585 or send us a message from our contact form.