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Hazardous Materials Make Trucks Deadlier

Trucks are already dangerous. Without any other mitigating factors, trucks are still giant, metal behemoths sharing the roads with their smaller cousins, and colliding into them in any form rarely ends well. However, when the cargo being carried by that truck is a hazardous material of some sort, that danger increases tenfold — which is…

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Unwieldy USPS Trucks Endanger Everyone

The United States Postal Service is a revered, respected, and absolutely necessary entity that has connected us to loved ones since the earliest days of our country. For years, it was the only service we had to communicate important messages to one another. As technology advances, however, and emails, texts, and Zoom makes that connection…

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New Safety Tech Mandates for Commercial Vehicles

This year, Congress introduced the surface transportation bill. The $78 billion bills will aid in the funding of several safety features geared toward improving transportation, most of which will go to things like fixing roads and bridges, and physical infrastructure nationwide. Along with money for auto manufacturers and rail companies like Amtrak, one sector that…

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Trucking Is One of the Top 10 Deadliest Jobs in America

When you think of the deadliest jobs in America, trucking is typically not the first thing to come to mind. Your mind may go to mining or oil & gas drilling. But it turns out that transportation – specifically, transport by truck – is significantly more dangerous than most industries. Trucks are not only dangerous…

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Commercial Trucks and Braking Issues

Trucks generally need more time to brake and come to a stop than passenger cars. There are many different reasons why trucks need more time, including the size and weight of the truck, the number of tires, the type of brakes, and other factors. Eighteen-wheelers, semis, tractor-trailers, and other heavy trucks are among some of…

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3 Major Causes of Truck Accidents

If you have been the victim of a truck accident in the greater Chicago area, you may be asking, “What just happened?” These accidents can occur in an instant, without warning, and sometimes they involve one of the largest types of commercial trucks – the semi-truck or 18-wheeler. These massive vehicles, because of their immense…

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Multi-Car Crashes Involving Tractor-Trailers

Multi-car collisions are always scary. They’re especially frightening if a tractor-trailer or semi is involved in the accident. When a tractor-trailer rolls over, cargo spills from the trailer, or the trailer strikes a smaller car, all drivers nearby could be at risk. Some drivers slam their brakes to avoid the tractor-trailer. Other drivers try to…

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Operating a Truck in Reverse Can Be Deadly

Operating a tractor-trailer in reverse is one of the most challenging tasks for a truck driver. With blind spots, the weight of the truck, and often no backup cameras like smaller vehicles have, truck drivers need to be incredibly careful when reversing their rigs. Backup accidents involving tractor-trailers are dangerous, and can even be deadly.…

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Can You Sue the City If You Get Hit by a Garbage Truck?

Although garbage and trash collection trucks generally move more slowly than other vehicles, if you’re involved in an accident with one, you likely won’t come out a winner. The injuries and damages resulting from these encounters can be particularly serious. When determining liability after a garbage truck causes an accident, it mostly depends on who…

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