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The New Large Truck Crash Statistics Report is Out. What Do the Numbers Reveal?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released its Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report for 2017. The FMCSA gathers data for traffic accidents involving 18-wheelers, tractor trailers and other larger, commercial trucks, commercial buses, and school buses. This annual report reviews and analyzes statistics and reports on how many crashes occurred, how…

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What Are the Top Causes of Trucking Accidents?

 A truck accident may occur for a variety of reasons. The number one cause, I believe, is driver fatigue: if a driver has been on the road for too long and has not taken necessary breaks or followed federal law which mandates when a truck driver can operate a truck. Federal law requires truckers…

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The Trucking Company is Calling. What Should I Do?

 If you have been in an accident with a truck, or in a trucking accident, often the trucking company will try to call you immediately after the accident to get what’s called a recorded statement from you. They want to get you on tape as to what happened as soon as possible after the…

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Can Sensors on Vehicles Replace Direct Vision as a Safety Feature?

If you are driving a truck through the busy streets of a bustling city, the importance of having maximum awareness of your surroundings and clear visibility in front, to the sides, and to the rear cannot be overstated. However, some vehicles, including large trucks, are manufactured in a way that leaves drivers with significant “blind…

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How Do You Know if the Truck Driver Was Overworked?

 If you’ve been in a trucking accident, one of the first factors that needs to be examined is why that truck driver was on the road, whether that truck driver was going from a certain point to another point, and how long the truck driver was on the road. Federal law requires truck drivers…

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Truck Part Manufacturers Can Improve Driver Safety

A key argument in auto product liability cases is that truck makers are in the best position to make their trucks safe. This is why they are strictly held liable if a product defect causes injuries. One parts maker, Bendix, is illustrating that new technology is one way truck part manufacturers can protect their drivers,…

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