Dangerous Dogs and Your Role as an Owner in Chicago

Dog Owner LiabilityDogs are known as man’s best friend. And for the most part, they are wonderful pets that enrich the lives of many people. Aggressive dogs, however, can hurt someone by biting or attacking. For property owners, this can mean a lawsuit. When a dog on your premises bites someone or hurts them, you can be held liable for their medical bills and more. In Chicago, citizens should put up signage that a dog lives at their house and must keep aggressive dogs on a leash or otherwise restrained at all times.

Your responsibility when you own an aggressive dog

Dog owners should be aware of neighborhood or township ordinances in the Chicago area. Recently, a resident of the Norridge neighborhood of Chicago experienced an aggressive, unrestrained dog killing another neighborhood pet. After going to court, the pet was declared a dangerous dog according to the neighborhood ordinance. The dog’s owner contested, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

As a property owner, you should be keen to ensure that you maintain laudable safety standards. This includes keeping abreast of your dog’s activities and behavior. Some dogs are passive and obedient to their owners, but territorial otherwise. These dogs can be aggressive or dangerous to those on your property, especially if you are not there to monitor their behavior. Children on your property are most likely to be hurt by dogs prone to attack. If a dog bites or hurts a child or adult on your property, you could be liable for their medical bills and more. Proper signage is key, and making sure dogs known to bite are restrained is especially important in avoiding a lawsuit.

To avoid injury to people on their property, and a potential lawsuit, Chicago owners of aggressive dogs should do any or all of the following things:

  • Place “Beware of Dog” signage on their premises
  • Consider obedience school or a training program for the dog
  • Keep any aggressive or potentially aggressive dog restrained while people are on the property
  • Leash the dog if you take it off your property

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