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What Happens If Someone Sics Their Dog on Me and I Get Hurt?

As much as we love our canine friends, they are still animals. Animals do not always act predictably, and even worse, they can be trained by their owners to attack other people. Dog attacks and bites should be handled seriously, as the injuries these animals can impart are oftentimes serious, and can leave the victim…

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Hinsdale Experienced a Real Spike in Dog Bite Cases

Hinsdale has been dealing with an increase in dog bite cases to the point where Hinsdale Village Board is considering changes to the local dog control ordinances. Reports have surfaced that there have been some 32 cases of dog bites in Hinsdale since January 1, 2016, with one woman being attacked three times by the…

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Dangerous Dogs and Your Role as an Owner in Chicago

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. And for the most part, they are wonderful pets that enrich the lives of many people. Aggressive dogs, however, can hurt someone by biting or attacking. For property owners, this can mean a lawsuit. When a dog on your premises bites someone or hurts them, you can be…

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