Drivers Should Stay Aware of Truck Driver Blind Spots

Drivers Should Stay Aware of Truck Driver Blind SpotsDrivers of semis and other large trucks have many more blind spots than cars do. This is due to the dimensions of the truck, especially the length. Trucks do not normally have side or rear windows, which means the driver must rely on the truck’s mirrors. Even well-positioned mirrors cannot adequately help the driver see every location around the truck. When mirrors do help, it requires much more head movement on the driver’s part to check all the mirrors.

If the truck driver fails to see you, it is very possible that the truck will collide with you, crunch your car, force your car into another lane, or strike your car directly. When truck accidents happen because the driver failed to see you, it is normally the driver’s fault. Still, car drivers should be aware that truck drivers may not see you if you are too close to their truck. Cars should be safe distances away from trucks.

Common truck blind spots

Blind spots are also known as no-zones or danger-zones. Car drivers should stay away from:

  • The truck’s rear. The truck driver will not likely see you unless you are a good distance to the rear of the truck. If you cannot see the truck driver’s side mirrors, he/she likely cannot see you.
  • The truck’s side. Trucks have much longer lengths than cars. If any part of your car is next to any part of the truck tractor or trailer, it is best to move your car. This is especially true near intersections where trucks may turn. Many trucks now have warnings that they make large turns. This warning is because, if a car is on the side of the truck and the truck turns, the truck driver will not see you and will not wait for you to pass. Truck turn accidents can cause death, catastrophic injury, and your car will probably be a total loss.
  • The truck’s front. Because trucks are much higher than cars, and truck drivers are looking far in front of them, if your car is too close to the truck (even though you are in front of the it), there is a good chance the driver will not see you.

In addition to brining claims against the truck driver, Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers also brings wrongful death and personal injury claims against the owners of the truck when appropriate. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys also sue trucking companies that failed to instruct their drivers on blind-spot dangers or failed to make sure all the mirrors were working before the truck was placed on the road. For immediate help, please call our office at 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form.