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FDA Warning: Sunscreen Pills Are Fake and Dangerous

FDA Warning: Sunscreen Pills Are Fake and DangerousSummer’s here—which means it’s time for a new bottle of sunscreen. You can purchase sunscreen as a lotion, a cream, or a spray. Recently, you may have noticed in some stores or online shops “sunscreen pills” for sale, and you may even have been tempted to give them a try.


The FDA recently released a statement urging consumers against the purchase or use of sunscreen pills. And, according to FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, they also “sent warning letters to companies illegally marketing pills and capsules labeled as dietary supplements that make unproven drug claims about protecting consumers from the harms that come from sun exposure.”

The press release mentioned four products in particular: Advanced Skin Brightening Formula, Sunsafe Rx, Solaricare, and Sunergetic. There are many other similar products on the market, easily found online, some marketed as “oral sunscreen.” According to the FDA, there’s “no pill or capsule that can replace your sunscreen.”

Gottlieb points out that the reason these products are so dangerous is because they give consumers a false sense of security. Companies selling sunscreen pills—pills that aren’t proven to work—put people’s health at risk, as failure to use adequate sunscreen can cause harmful sunburn, early again, and skin cancer.

“Legitimate sunscreens are made in a wide range of sun protection factor values, also known as SPF values, and are over-the-counter drugs that come in many forms,” said Gottlieb. These forms, however, do not include pills.

The FDA released this statement in the midst of a new focus on sunscreen products. Their press release stated that when “sunscreens first came on the market, they were used only occasionally at the beach.” Today, everyone is encouraged to use sunscreen any time they’re out in the sun, so our exposure to the ingredients in sunscreen is at the highest it’s ever been.

I used the pills; what now?

If consumers have used these sunscreen pills and had a sunburn injury as a result, they may have a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Consumers could also have claims for refunds for what they paid for the fake pills. Further, we may see lawsuits filed against companies who used false or misleading advertising to draw consumers to purchase products that don’t work as promised.

As of this writing and despite the FDA’s warnings, you can still find these products for sale. Before purchasing any dietary supplement, consumers should do their research. Because dietary supplements (like sunscreen pills) aren’t as regulated as medications, they’re often marketed and sold with misleading or downright false claims.

If you’ve been injured by a product that didn’t work the way it was supposed to, talk to the product liability attorneys at Gainsberg Law in Chicago today. We’ll hold the company or manufacturer responsible and fight for your rights. Get in touch with us today through our contact form, or by calling 312-600-9585 to schedule a consultation.