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There Are No Magic Devices for Getting Newborns to Sleep

All new parents struggle with helping their newborns get to sleep at night. Most parents have to get up numerous times during the night to respond to their child’s crying. Simply put – babies aren’t very good sleepers. In our consumer age, parents are trying every strategy they can including buy products such as bassinets,…

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Proving Product Liability Where It Counts: Amazon Edition

When we purchase a product, be it online or in person, we have certain expectations. For example, we hope whatever it is works for its intended purpose, that it’s safe to use, and that — if something goes wrong — we can get some sort of compensation for it. These are reasonable demands. Besides, it’s…

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Microwaves Linked to Thousands of Burn Injuries in Children

A pediatrician from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is being credited with a new safety feature coming soon to microwaves that will help prevent burns in children: child-resistant doors. Kyran Quinlan began performing research with his colleagues when they noticed the high number of children treated at their hospital for burns not caused by…

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Exploding Pressure Cookers and What You Need to Know

Now that everyone is stuck at home for the foreseeable future due to the widespread stay-at-home order issued by the Governor of Illinois, more and more people are cooking instead of going out to eat. Many families went from cooking one meal per day at home to cooking multiple meals per day. For people who…

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How Safe Are E-Scooters, Actually?

E-scooters have become a popular mode of transportation for thousands of people in cities all over Illinois and the country, and Chicago is no exception. Forbes estimates that as of February 2019 there were more than 65,000 e-scooters on the roads of America. As more and more e-scooters populate the streets of our city, more…

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Why Does General Motors Keep Trying to Exempt Itself from the Takata Airbag Recall?

Imagine you owned a vehicle which contains a defective Takata airbag inflator that has been recalled by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), but General Motors, the vehicle’s manufacturer, is still trying to avoid recalling the vehicles and replacing the defective part. You have heard the stories of the defective inflators deploying and exploding…

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Honda Issues Another Recall Related to Airbags

Honda has issued yet another recall related to defective airbags, this time recalling more than 137,000 SUVs late in May. The recall was issued after Honda received reports of airbags suddenly deploying for no reason at all in vehicles. According to Reuters, three injuries occurred in the United States when airbags suddenly activated in the…

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Kia Vehicles Catching Fire Sparks Federal Investigation

Incident reports involving the sudden and unexpected combustion of Kia vehicles have continued to amass in recent months. In fact, Consumer Reports states that the Center for Auto Safety identified over 200 complaints sent by consumers to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These complaints detail shocking incidents in which vehicles ignited without advanced…

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FDA Warning: Sunscreen Pills Are Fake and Dangerous

Summer’s here—which means it’s time for a new bottle of sunscreen. You can purchase sunscreen as a lotion, a cream, or a spray. Recently, you may have noticed in some stores or online shops “sunscreen pills” for sale, and you may even have been tempted to give them a try. Don’t. The FDA recently released…

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