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Honda Issues Another Recall Related to AirbagsHonda has issued yet another recall related to defective airbags, this time recalling more than 137,000 SUVs late in May. The recall was issued after Honda received reports of airbags suddenly deploying for no reason at all in vehicles. According to Reuters, three injuries occurred in the United States when airbags suddenly activated in the Honda CR-V. There have been reports of at least six sudden deployments, but none of those six incidents led to crashes. In the United States, 118,000 vehicles are affected by the recall. This recall is not related to the ongoing recalls by Honda involving the Takata airbags.

What to do if issued a recall?

Whether or not you own a Honda CR-V, you always need to be on the lookout for recall notices. You can follow recalls in the news or by checking with your vehicle manufacturer. If your vehicle is ever included in a recall, for whatever reason, you will receive a notice in the mail. It’s important to never ignore these notices, even if you think the issue at hand is not serious. Should something malfunction in your vehicle and you ignored a recall notice, you might not be able to collect insurance payments or file a lawsuit for the problem.

The recall notice issued will likely have contact information on it for the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. Call the phone number listed to gather more information about the recall and what it entails. You might need to bring your vehicle in for a quick repair or leave it at the dealer for a couple of days. If the vehicle has to be dropped off, you should be provided with a rental free of cost if the recall is that serious.

Can I file a lawsuit?

If you bring your vehicle to the dealer to have a recall issue repaired, you are not waiving your right to seek compensation for damages caused by the malfunctioning car part. If you happened to be injured by the defective auto part prior to the recall being issued, you absolutely can make a case against the vehicle manufacturer, the part manufacturer, the designer of the auto part or even a third party vendor that provided the part to the vehicle manufacturer.

Choosing to file a lawsuit for damages is best done with the help of an attorney. You might be able to seek compensation for more than just damage to your vehicle and any medical expenses incurred for the injuries you suffered. If you missed time at work due to your injuries, you can ask for compensation for lost wages. You might also be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering in such a case.

Has your vehicle failed to operate properly? Do you believe your vehicle is involved in a major recall? Were you injured by a defective vehicle part? If any of these problems have plagued you, it’s time to call the experienced Chicago product liability attorneys from Gainsberg Law, P.C. to schedule an appointment. Call the office at 312-600-9585 or complete the contact form found on the website for a free consultation.



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