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Illinois Seatbelt Laws: What You Should Know

Illinois Seatbelt Laws What You Should KnowDriving can be a harrowing experience. Therefore, automobile safety features such as seatbelts exist, and Illinois state law dictates that drivers and passengers, especially children, wear seatbelts. If you’re like us, you probably know some people who don’t use their seatbelts – but it’s a bad idea to ignore the laws when it comes to auto safety.

The Seat Belt Law and Child Passenger Protection Act

In Illinois, there are two main state statutes governing seatbelts and similar safety features: the Seat Belt Law (SBL) and the Child Passenger Protection Act (CPPA). The SBL states that every single driver and passenger in motor vehicles, which have seatbelts, must wear and correctly fasten their seat belts. Particularly regarding children younger than eight years old, the CPPA dictates that when transporting children younger than eight years old, drivers of non-commercial cars, trucks, truck tractors (containing seatbelts), recreational vehicles (RVs), and combination vehicles weighing no more than 9,000 pounds must correctly and completely secure said children in age-appropriate child safety systems. In addition, parents and legal guardians of said children must give any individuals transporting their child an age-appropriate child safety system. Furthermore, the CPPA allows children, whose weight is more than forty pounds, to ride in vehicles’ back seats with only lap belts fastened if said back seats do not contain combination lap and shoulder belts.

What penalties are imposed for violating the Seat Belt Law and Child Passenger Protection Act?

While perhaps not as severe as the penalties for other law violations, the penalties for violating the SBL or CPPA still are hefty and mostly monetary. Violating the SBL leads to a 25-dollar fine; nevertheless, that amount does not include additional court costs associated with violating the SBL. Individuals who violated the CPPA for the first time face a $75 fine, and individuals who violated the CPPA for a second time face a $200 fine.

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