Kia Vehicles Catching Fire Sparks Federal InvestigationIncident reports involving the sudden and unexpected combustion of Kia vehicles have continued to amass in recent months. In fact, Consumer Reports states that the Center for Auto Safety identified over 200 complaints sent by consumers to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These complaints detail shocking incidents in which vehicles ignited without advanced warning. The safety organization has asked NHTSA to issue a formal recall of the affected vehicles. Certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles have been the object of these complaints.

Vehicle fire and explosion reports

Detailed in Consumer Reports are harrowing stories of drivers either fleeing the danger posed by their burning Kia vehicles or failing to escape them. In one example, Bailey Belcher – 19 years old – was driving his mom’s Kia Soul home when he noticed smoke coming out of the vehicle. He pulled the vehicle over and only minutes later the entire car was engulfed in a conflagration.

Another incident involves the brother of Kelly Nash who was driving his Kia Soul as he was taking care of errands when he became trapped in the vehicle as it exploded and caught fire. Although Kia has investigated this tragedy, they have yet to provide Nash and her family with a reason or explanation.

Yet another traumatic incident involves Ronni Rivera recording on her cell phone the amazing sight of her 2016 Kia Sorento SUV bursting into flames. The video records her saying with tears “I’m okay, my cars on fire. Whew! God is good.” Rivera was on duty, driving as a highway escort for a large and dangerous chemical tanker. She did not know to pull over until another driver saw the flames and smoke under her vehicle and signaled for her to do so.

Government pressure for a recall

The NHTSA sent Sen. Bill Nelson (FL) a letter informing him of its ongoing investigation activities. The Senator has championed the effort to have a recall issued on these potentially defective and dangerous vehicles. The NHTSA informed Sen. Nelson they have now received 402 fire complaints. The agency intends to include non-collision fires in its continuing investigative efforts surrounding engine failures – another problem affecting Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Nelson is urging the agency to increase the speed of its investigation.

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