Mother of Five Killed in Elk Grove Village Motor Vehicle Accident

Elk Grove Village Car AccidentAndrea Garcia, a 45-year-old mother of five, was killed in a two-vehicle crash on Tuesday. The crash also left several people, including three juveniles, with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to ABC 7:

Authorities were dispatched to the intersection of Biesterfield and Meacham roads at about 11:22 p.m. Tuesday for a crash involving two vehicles, Elk Grove Village police said.

A mangled black SUV could be seen on the sidewalk, as well as another black sedan with severe damage to the front of the car.

Three juveniles and an adult were in a Lexus sedan traveling northbound when it ran a red light and crashed into a Honda SUV, according to police.

Garcia, who was married to her husband for 26 years, was driving the Honda SUV. As stated, she did not survive this terrible accident. She was driving home from work when the crash occurred.

Everyone at Gainsberg Injury and Accident Lawyers sends their sympathies to Garcia’s family during this tragic and terrible time.

A community mourns

Lorri Filichia, who lives nearby, told ABC 7, “Now her husband is alone, with these kids to raise… terrible tragedy.” She continued, “I feel really bad for the family, They’re in my thoughts and my prayers every day, and I hope they can move on with this tragedy.” Garcia’s adult son also brought flowers to the scene of the accident on Wednesday but was too overcome by emotion to speak to the cameras.

At home, about 20 minutes away in Des Plaines, Garcia’s family has built a memorial to celebrate her life.

Manhar Parikh, who lives nearby, said, “Every year there are a couple of accidents happen here at the intersection… I don’t know why they don’t take any steps. The city should put some camera[s] over here on this intersection and this will catch and stop those who are speeding.”

The intersection of Biesterfield and Meacham Roads was closed for about nine hours, opening up again around 8:20am. The crash is currently under investigation by the Elk Grove Village Police Department Traffic Unit.

Footage from NBC Chicago showed “two badly damaged vehicles with airbags deployed. Debris from car parts and items inside the vehicles could be seen strewn across the roadway.” A downed light pole and a mangled tree were seen near the Honda. They further state:

NBC 5’s Lisa Chavarria reported early Wednesday that several teenagers came to the scene and indicated that those involved in the crash may have been friends of theirs.

“I came to the scene because I saw it on one of my friend’s Snapchat stories and I believe he was involved,” one said. “It’s really horrible to see cars like this, just totaled.”

Lynn Braner, who works at a restaurant near the accident site, also noted, “I saw bumpers, everything, everywhere It had to be very hard on the family to see all that.”

ABC 7 reached out to the police unit to find out if charges will be filed against the driver of the Lexus, but they have not responded as of this writing.

Red light cameras in Chicago

Chicago boasts one of the longest-running red light camera programs in the US. Implemented in 2003, the program aims to enhance road safety by deterring red light violations and reducing crashes, particularly dangerous T-bone collisions. There are red light cameras located all over the city at various intersections. Per the City of Chicago:

The Red Light Camera Enforcement Program was created and designed to increase safety on Chicago streets by reducing the most dangerous types of crashes at the most dangerous places on our streets – namely, intersections. Crashes are often categorized by the type of (first) impact. Crash types include angle, rear-end, side­swipe, turning, head-on, fixed object, pedestrian, and bicycle, among others. While all crash types are potentially serious or deadly, the Red Light Enforcement Program and the cameras deployed as part of that program are intended to help reduce one of the most dangerous type of crashes: angle (or “T-bone”) crashes. Angle crashes – along with pedestrian and bicyclist crashes, which the Red Light cameras also helps to reduce – often result in serious injury or death. The Red Light Camera Enforcement Program is intended to encourage drivers to obey traffic signals and reduce red light running, thereby reducing the incidence of serious and fatal crashes.

An analysis found that “found that dangerous angle crashes were reduced to approximately 55% of the yearly angle crashes before the camera was installed.”

Further, more recent statistics show that between 2005 and 2022, overall safety of red light intersections had improved and crashes of all types were down. These statistics include:

  • T-bone crashes decreased to 55%
  • All crashes at red light camera intersections were down to 56%
  • Injurious crashes were down to 41%
  • Pedestrian crashes went down to 42%
  • Rear-end crashes went down to 70%

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