If you were in a truck accident or injured in a truck accident, you need to contact an attorney immediately. The trucking company has a variety of resources that they have at their disposal. They will investigate the claim quickly. They will look to see who’s at fault and, perhaps, try their best to blame you for the accident. And they will of course try to limit your damages and say whatever injuries you sustained are not that significant or are minor.

An attorney on your side will make sure you have a similar team to help you investigate the accident, to make sure that you get the compensation you’re entitled to, and to make sure that that truck driver is the at-fault party for the accident.

That team is Gainsberg Law. If you’ve been injured or in a truck accident, please call Gainsberg Law to make sure you have a team on your side to make sure that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve. You can call us or email or visit our website at GainsbergLaw.com. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers are ready to help.