Why Swimming Pool Accidents Are So DangerousWhile swimming pools may provide a lot of summer fun, they are also a leading contributor to drowning accidents and catastrophic injuries, including brain trauma and spinal cord damage. ABC News reports that 6,500 adolescents suffer diving injuries each year. Almost 2/3 of diving accidents happen in inground pools while the rest happen in aboveground pools.

Reasons swimming pool accidents happen

Owners of pools have a duty to invited guests to provide a safe swimming experience. Owners include hotels, motels, apartment complexes, neighborhood swim clubs, condominium associations, individual homeowners, athletic clubs, and other entities. Extra precautions are required if children are using the pool. Some of the steps owners need to take are:

  • Having a trained and experienced lifeguard monitor swimming activities, including running and playing in the pool
  • Inspecting the diving equipment on a regular basis
  • Having signs that indicate the depth of the water in the pool
  • Regulating access to the pool
  • Regulating the hours the pool can be used
  • Providing proper lighting for the pool
  • Preventing the pool from becoming overcrowded
  • Having regular inspections of drain pipes and other parts of the pool
  • Covering the pool when it is not in use

Some of the most severe accidents happen when someone dives into shallow water, causing the head to strike the bottom of the pool. This type of accident can cause the victim to:

  • Become paralyzed
  • Suffer a traumatic brain injury, which can affect cognitive abilities, motor skills, and emotional stability for the rest of the victim’s life
  • Break their neck, back, legs, arms, hands, feet, fingers, or toes
  • Endure injury to their spine, which can cause chronic, severe pain
  • Have internal bleeding
  • Suffer nerve damage
  • Have other injuries that may never heal, or that take months or years to heal

Other severe pool accidents can happen because someone slips and falls or is pushed or thrown into the pool. Pool injuries are not confined to water incidents. If someone trips while walking on the deck, or stumbles because the chairs are not in the right spot, serious harm can also occur.

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