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If you are involved in an accident in Chicago that results in severe bodily injuries, as the victim you may face consequences that include an extended recovery period, time off from work, medical complications, scarring or disfigurement, and disability. All of these can prove to be devastating and potentially life-changing. Beyond the physical losses, you…

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 Construction sites are generally dangerous areas. People, especially workers there, have to wear safety gear, hard helmets, and there’s a lot of rules and regulations that go into construction sites. If you’re injured it’s probably because one of the companies or businesses working on the site failed to do something properly – acted carelessly…

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While swimming pools may provide a lot of summer fun, they are also a leading contributor to drowning accidents and catastrophic injuries, including brain trauma and spinal cord damage. ABC News reports that 6,500 adolescents suffer diving injuries each year. Almost 2/3 of diving accidents happen in inground pools while the rest happen in aboveground…

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