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The Most Dangerous Intersections in ChicagoChicago is one of the most heavily travelled cities in the world. It’s central location and wonderful history make it an attraction for all regions of the country and to the millions of people who live in Illinois. Some intersections are more dangerous than others due to poor design, heavy traffic, and other factors. Car accidents at these intersections may cause fatalities. Common injuries that car accident victims suffer due to intersection accidents include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, broken bones, muscle and ligament damage, nerve damage including paralysis, loss of vision, and other life-changing injuries.

Why are some Chicago intersections are more dangerous than others?

Hazard factors at intersections include:

  • Too many lanes
  • Unclear directions for making turns
  • Traffic signals that don’t work or aren’t properly timed to handle heavy traffic
  • Poor lighting
  • Street signs that are missing
  • No crosswalks
  • No bicycle lanes

Construction and urban planning projects can also make intersections dangerous.

Intersection aren’t just a danger for drivers and passengers. Pedestrians and bicycle riders are also at risk.

The worst Chicago intersections

According to Timeout, the five most dangers intersections in Chicago are:

  • Belmont and Kedzie. This intersection is located below the Kenney underpass. It’s considered dangerous because it’s difficult to see and because “cars and trucks entering and exiting the expressway seem to come out of nowhere. On the plus side, it sort of looks like a scene out of Batman.”
  • Cicero and I-55. This intersection attracts many travelers to and from the flights that run out of Midway International Airport. The intersection is “home to one of the most profitable red light cameras in the city.” Timeout says Cicero and I-55 is great only if you like watching trucks mess up traffic. Otherwise, it’s terrible.
  • Irving Park, Cicero, and Milwaukee. The intersection, known for its six corners, has numerous shopping centers and “wonky side streets.” It’s considered a triple threat- awful for driving, walking, and bicycling.
  • Stony Island, 79th and South Chicago. This is a six-way intersection beneath several entrance and exit ramps to the Chicago skyway. The beams add to visibility problems.
  • North, Damen, and Milwaukee. Timeout says, “you’ll find a lot of things in this bustling Wicker Park intersection, but tranquility in an automobile or on a bicycle is not one of them.” Traffic is often backed up in three different directions.

The most dangerous Chicago intersection

According to Patch, there’s one intersection on Chicago’s South Side that is not only considered the most dangerous intersection in Chicago, it’s considered the most dangerous intersection in all of Illinois. The analysis is based on records from and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”

The intersection is the crossroads of Stony Island Avenue and South Chicago Avenue. The intersection borders four Chicago neighborhoods: Avalon Park, Greater Grand Crossing, South Shore, and South Chicago.

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