If you have been in an accident with a truck, or in a trucking accident, often the trucking company will try to call you immediately after the accident to get what’s called a recorded statement from you. They want to get you on tape as to what happened as soon as possible after the accident.

They often want to get these statements from you so that they can trick you, or try to place blame on you for the accident. That’s why if you are being called because of a trucking accident by the trucking company, you should not answer those calls until you speak to an attorney. You need to understand your rights, and you have specific rights. One of those rights is you do not have to speak to the trucking company. You do not have to give a recorded statement.

If you have been in a trucking accident, or being contacted by a trucking company because of a truck accident, it’s important for you to call Gainsberg Law, so we can make sure your rights are protected, and to make sure that you get the compensation you may be entitled to. Please call or email us, or visit our website at GainsbergLaw.com. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys can help.