Truck Part Manufacturers Can Improve Driver Safety

Truck Part Manufacturers Can Improve Driver SafetyA key argument in auto product liability cases is that truck makers are in the best position to make their trucks safe. This is why they are strictly held liable if a product defect causes injuries.

One parts maker, Bendix, is illustrating that new technology is one way truck part manufacturers can protect their drivers, the public, and the trucks themselves. Fred Andersky, Bendix’s director of customer solutions, recently explained some of the new technology it is designing through the use of what he calls “foundational technologies.” Andersky’s explanations about foundational technologies were recently detailed in a report.

Foundational technologies change how truck systems perform across the industry. A classic example is the anti-lock braking system which Andersky says “gave commercial vehicle brake systems ‘brain’ and ‘sight’ through the use of sensor and electronic control systems.” Now, ABS systems are the foundation for other related technologies, including advanced cruise control and collision mitigation systems.

A new electronic parking brake system

Bendix, according to its product manager, is ready to change the way commercial vehicles park. The technology is a “smart” park brake system designed for electric vehicles. The Intellipark smart park brake will help:

  • Prevent the vehicle from rolling away after it is parked.
  • Prevent runaway crashes “by automatically setting the brakes if the driver exits the vehicle while it is not parked.”
  • Ensure that the brake can only be released by an authorized operator.
  • Drivers release the brakes on the trailer when the truck/trailer is moving.
  • Make it easier to set the parking brake. The driver will be able to use his/her finger to turn switches on or off instead of using traditional yellow and red push/pull knobs. Bendix thinks the switch design will help reduce driver fatigue and “prevent repetitive stress motion injuries.”
  • Make it easier for the driver to see that the parking brakes on BOTH the tractor and the trailer are properly set.
  • Automatically disengage the trailer park brake, if the driver starts to drive while the park brake is engaged. This can help reduce the odds of “trailer tire flat-spotting, trailer tire fires, and wheel-end damage.”

The new park brake system is designed to be used for any type of air-brake vehicle. Vehicles that use air-brakes include tractor-trailers, motor coaches, school buses, and single-unit trucks. Bendix also claims that Intellipark will mean trucks need less maintenance and have less incidents of damage – thus making the system a good return on investment.

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