If you were hit, while crossing the street, by a car and suffered injuries, you may have a case, even if you were using your cell phone at the time that you were struck. The driver has specific responsibilities to make sure that he or she does not hit a pedestrian. The driver may have been using his or her cell phone. The driver may have been distracted in some other way. The driver may not have been paying attention and acting carelessly, speeding.

There are a variety of factors that may have caused the accident. Just because you were on your cell phone does not mean that you were at fault. At Gainsberg Law, we will make sure that our clients get the compensation that they deserve, and we will make sure that the at-fault party, often the driver of a motor vehicle in a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident, is deemed the at-fault party, and the pedestrian gets the proper compensation. If you were a pedestrian and hit by a car, please call 312-600-9585 or email us, or visit our website at GainsbergLaw.com. Our Chicago car accidents lawyers can help.