What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Chicago?

Most Dangerous Roads in ChicagoWhether a lifelong resident or a recent transplant to the Chicago area, you most likely know that the city sees a lot of car accidents every week; this is most often due to congestion, speeding, distracted driving, and more.

Whether driving for pleasure or commuting to and from work, it’s important to know which dangerous roads you may want to avoid; alternately, it’s probably wise or drive with extra attentiveness to avoid becoming the victim of an unexpected car accident.

What are the most dangerous roads in Chicago?

According to Safe Roads USA, five of the most dangerous roads in Chicago include:

  1. Pulaski Road: Pulaski is one of the longest streets throughout Chicago. It spans about 39 miles and can take you as far north as Wilmette (and as far south as Matteson). Around 60 collisions occurred on this street in 2023 alone. As a result, almost 100 severe injuries and four fatalities were reported. If you have no choice but to take Pulaski Road, keep in mind that many accidents tend to occur close to highway IL 64, I-90/94, and I-55 entrances and exits.
  2. Western Avenue: Western Avenue is the longest continuous road throughout the city, and a common location for accidents. It is over 50 miles long and can take you directly to the county line for Will-Kanakee as well as Evanston. Many people use Western Avenue to travel through various neighborhoods, such as Southwest, North Far Southwest, West, and Far North. Unfortunately, 59 serious crashes occurred on this street in 2023, resulting in 93 injuries and four deaths.
  3. Cicero Avenue: One of the most popular roads that residents and travelers flying into Midway Airport take is Cicero Avenue. It not only leads people to the middle of the city, but it is also home to several different commercial businesses on the Southwest Side. As a result, many semi-truck drivers use Cicero Avenue to transport their products. This street is over 66 miles long and can take you to Skokie in the north and Kankakee in the south. In 2023 alone, 58 severe accidents occurred, leading to almost 80 injuries and four deaths.
  4. Halsted Street: Halsted Street is another long road in Chicago. It can take you as far as Lakeview in the north and Steger in the south. This street saw 50 crashes in 2023, which resulted in eight fatalities and 77 injuries.
  5. State Street: State Street is one of the city’s busiest streets. It can take you to multiple areas, such as the Loop, Lincoln Park, South Side, and Far Southeast Side. Many of Chicago’s well-known landmarks and attractions are located on State Street, including the Chicago Theatre, the Archbishop Mansion, the Chicago Bee Building, the Reliance Building, and several commercial establishments. In 2023, there were 60 serious injuries and three deaths reported on this road.

What are the most dangerous intersections in Chicago?

Car crashes frequently occur at intersections. It may be wise to know a few of the most dangerous intersections in Chicago, including:

  • East 95th Street and South Stony Island Avenue
  • West Garfield Boulevard and South Wentworth Avenue
  • West Garfield Boulevard and South Wells Street
  • North Michigan Avenue and South Wells Street
  • North Michigan Avenue and Each Wacker Drive

What can increase the chances of road or intersection danger?

Many factors can increase the chances of road or intersection danger. Some of the most common contributing factors include:

Is there a particularly dangerous time to drive?

The most dangerous time to drive in Chicago is the evening rush hour between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Many people are commuting during these hours, meaning that many more vehicles are on the roadway. While not as risky as the evening rush hour, it’s also wise to be careful during morning rush hour between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

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