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Drunk Driver

Drunk Driver

Chicago Drunk Truck Driver Truck Accident

Experienced Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys Help You When A Drunk Truck Driver Wreaks Havoc on Your Life

Truck drivers who drive while intoxicated are a deadly combination

Many truckers drive long hours, cross-state or cross-country. There’s a strong temptation to stop for a few drinks to kill the time and relieve the boredom. The risks, however, associated with drunk driving are well-known. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, more than 300,000 people drive drunk each day, and only a little over 1% are arrested. Driving a truck while intoxicated only increases the odds of an accident being fatal or causing permanent injuries because the impact from truck collisions is much greater than when automobiles collide.

Truck drivers who drive while intoxicated must be held accountable before they kill or hurt someone again. At Gainsberg Law, our understanding Chicago truck accident lawyers advocate for anyone who was harmed unnecessarily—for the families who suffer wrongful deaths of a loved one. We work hard to compassionately guide you through every aspect of your case.

Holding truck drivers accountable for drunk driving

Anyone who drives with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more are presumed to have driven while drunk. However, commercial truck drivers are held to an even higher standard than .08 BAC. Commercial drivers are not supposed to drive if their BAC is .04 or more.

Breath and blood tests that are typically given by police officers when a drunk driver is arrested to test their BAC. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys use these results to help prove liabilty after an accident. We also work with the police to use other drunk-driving related tests, such as field sobriety tests. Our legal team speaks with passengers and witnesses to review any erratic driving that took place.

When we file claims against truck drivers who drove while intoxicated, we demand payment for physical pain, emotional suffering, lost earnings, all reasonable hospital and medical bills, and any scarring. In wrongful death cases, we fight for all the damages the decedent would have been allowed if he/she had survived, plus all the damages the family is allowed because the decedent is no longer alive to provide financial and emotional support. We also usually request punitive damages because driving while drunk is a willful act. Truck drivers should know the dangers of drinking and then operating a truck.

Holding other parties responsible

Illinois has a law called a dram shop law that allows anyone injured by someone who was intoxicated to file a claim against the person or business that sold or provided the alcohol that caused the person to become intoxicated. The amount of damages is capped and changes yearly. A Chicago truck accident attorney has the experience to properly investigate whether the seller of the alcohol served liquor in violation of the dram shop law.

In addition to the seller, Gainsberg Law investigates whether other parties may be responsible. An owner or trucking company that knowingly lets a drunk driver operate a truck while intoxicated may be responsible. Trucking and shipping companies may also have duty to monitor their drivers for intoxication.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Get help when a Chicago drunk truck driver disrupts your life

At Gainsberg Law, our Chicago intoxicated truck driver lawyers always put our clients first. Truckers, truck companies, and those who serve truck drivers should all take every precaution to prevent drunk driving from happening. The likelihood that a driver who is drunk and operating a large vehicle will cause a death or catastrophic injury is just too high. For skilled representation against irresponsible wrongdoers, call 312-600-9585 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment with a caring and respected lawyer.