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Hazardous Roadways

Hazardous Roadways

Chicago Hazardous Roadways Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Compassionate Chicago Motorcycle Lawyers Help Determine Who Is Accountable When Hazardous Roadways Cause Accidents

Why roadways are a great danger to Illinois motorcycle riders

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Car and truck drivers often fail to account for motorcycle riders and cause crashes due to inattention or poor judgment. Faulty motorcycle parts, such as brakes and throttles, can cause an accident. However, there is one type of accident that is unique to the motorcycle. Any small change in the road surface, such as an object on the road, a sudden change in the road surface, or an oil spill, can cause the rider to fall off his her motorcycle.

Our Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys help victims of roadway accidents. We proudly and compassionately represent passengers who are injured after a crash caused by an object in the road. Motorcycle riders should not assume that a bad fall is just bad luck. Our firm diligently represents motorcyclists when a government agency or repair crew has failed their duty to properly maintain the highway or street.

Claims against government agencies

Counties, states, and the federal government have some obligations to properly maintain the interstates, highways, and roads. This duty begins with making sure the roadway is properly designed, that traffic speeds are carefully set, and that traffic signals are at the correct intersections. There is a duty to manage known traffic hazards, such as auto accidents, that can halt traffic and potholes.

Our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers explain that notice must promptly be given to any governmental agency after an accident happens. Lawsuits against government agencies generally also must be filed in a much shorter time than standard personal injury claims. We work to show that the government or any maintenance crews failed in their obligations to make the road safe. Our firm also works with engineering professionals who can analyze what steps the agency should have taken and why their failure caused the motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle road hazards

In addition to poor design of a road, some other common hazards that a governmental agency or maintenance company can be liable for if they failed to correct are:

  • Bad lighting. Roadways should be properly lit at night so motorcycle riders can see the road.
  • Poorly places warning signals. There should be properly places signs that indicate construction ahead, a dangerous curve in the road, and standard signs such as yield and stop signs.
  • Poor weather management. Agencies and businesses responsible for the roads should also regularly inspect the roads for the ability to handle ice, snow, and rain, which can make bridges unsafe and roadways treacherous.

Motorcycle operators should also constantly be on the lookout for potholes, dead animals on the road, gravelly roads, and other objects or changes to the road surface.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Contact a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer for immediate help

If you were injured because of a badly designed or improperly maintained street, our Chicago hazardous roadway attorneys can help. Delay can hurt your case. The time limits for hazardous roadway crashes are short. It can be crucial to investigate the scene of the accident quickly before any repairs are made. For trusted, affordable legal advice, please call Gainsberg Law at 312-600-9585 or fill out our contact form.