The Illinois Workers Compensation Act was designed to give injured workers relief by providing medical benefits, as well as making up for income that is not earned while the worker is out due to the injury. It may also provide injured workers with permanent partial disability benefits after they are done with all medical treatment if the need be. This act was designed to give workers assurance that they will be treated fairly and justly compensated in case of injury on the job.

While the act is fair and is in place to protect workers, it isn’t as simple as filing and getting what you want. The process of filing for workers compensation is a process that involves negotiation between employees, employers, and the employer’s insurance company. This presents a delicate and what can be a very frustrating situation where not all parties agree on the extent of injuries or benefits to be received/paid out.

As a hard-working person, you want to receive everything you are entitled to following an injury on the job, and you deserve it. Since the settlement will directly and largely affect your livelihood as you recover from the physical and financial burdens brought on by the injury, it is imperative that you seek legal help in order to secure a sound compensation.

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